Multimedia Policy for Images and Content (EPAL, Inc.) has always been above all else a social hub for gamers to play together. With our “Get carried, game and life” slogan, it’s easy to see our main goal moving forward. For this reason and the safety of our community moving forward, has updated its attire policy.

Under the new policy, does not permit users to have any type of NSFW-themed content on any platform. This includes imagery, video or otherwise which may consist of full or partial nudity, exposed genitals or buttocks, or sexualized expressions. We do not permit the visible outline of genitals, even when covered, or the solicitation and/or sale of suggestive content on the platform.

Examples of images or content that will be deemed sexually suggestive includes, but is not limited to:

- Content with camera focus on regions such as; tongue, breasts, buttock, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these features.

- Explicit gestures directed towards features of a user’s body.

- Sexually Fetishizing behavior or activity.

- Ahegao or other sexualized expressions of that nature.

Additionally, E-Pal does not permit exposed nipple, exposed underbust, underwear, bralette, sheer clothing or any type of clothing that promotes racism, violence, drug use, explicit content or anything deemed inappropriate by official E-Pal staff. These guidelines apply to all genders.

Image Positioning:

Additionally, it’s advised that images are to be uploaded in an upright orientation and have the full subject in focus. For example, An image that is focused on a user's outfit and has their face cropped out would not adhere to the policy.

Text Placement: Text can be displayed on images, however, must be accompanied by a photo that adheres to the guidelines and policy, and the text is relevant to based advertising or the games a user is offering. The text can not feature any NSFW-themed language, aggression, racism, private information, etc.

Anime and/or Characterized Images: users can use images that are anime characters or artwork drawn for them, granted that they adhere to the rest of the policy.


Under no circumstances are users allowed to impersonate another living person. Users who are found to be impersonating someone else will be permanently suspended from and all affiliated platforms.

Note: These guidelines apply to all content uploaded on the platform, including album and game application cover photo uploads.

Additional Community guidelines:

Instant messaging, reviews, community posts/comments and topics about sexual or mature content, or content which otherwise complies with our policies is strictly prohibited and can result in permanent termination of the user’s account.

Reporting Sexual Content Violations:

Any content in which you feel violates E-Pals Community Guidelines can be reported to the official support team for a thorough investigation. To make a report, simply scroll to the bottom of your page and click “report” for further instructions. Images must be completely removed from profiles. Editing the image will not suffice.

The entirety of the E-Pal staff team thanks you all for your patience and consideration towards the attire used on the platform. We hope these new guidelines will encourage a safer environment for all users and offer more clarity on the topic.